What is normal in a world where everything seems possible?



Margriet van Breevoort's oeuvre enters the thin line between the exceptional and the impossible. She wonders about man, and tries to make him experience an extraordinary world through the use of hyper-realistic sculpture techniques.


Van Breevoort sees man as a strange animal, a hairless distant relative of the monkey, but this is not how he sees himself. Humanity has distinguished itself from the rest of the animal kingdom through ingenuity and imagination and has placed itself as a god on a pedestal, but is man really that much better?


The human world, with its structure and organizations, is largely artificial. The remaining natural influences can no longer be distinguished from artificial elements in this situation. The question of how to determine what is "normal" in such a situation is a common thread in Van Breevoort's work. Her work investigates the relationships between humans, animals, nature, and everything "non-human."


Van Breevoort creates anthropomorphic figures through surreal combinations of human and animal elements. They evoke empathy, but also repel by their grotesque forms. In these beings, humans, animals, technology and nature seem to merge.



Are these beings truly this monstrous and worth less than a human?


How do we relate to a living being that is not human?